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Curry Hen Salad Sandwich Easy & Healthy!

However we wear t do mayo anymore. I m not a large fan of that aftertaste in my mouth that sandwiches packed with mayo bring.

So we made a decision to swap it with some greek yogurt to make this a much healthier sandwich that s still as excellent!

Spiced Poultry

We are doing a dual layer of flavour by marinading the hen in some straightforward seasonings initially, cooking it on the frying pan and then either shredding or dicing it. By doing this the hen is juicy and has flavour right through.
Clothing for this Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich

It begins with greek yogurt, which is thrown with honey, curry powder, garlic as well as salt. We make use of greek yogurt since its thick, creamy as well as functions as a terrific substitute for mayo. It truly keeps this light and yummy!

Great deals of natural herbs

A great deal of flavour as well as crunch in this salad comes from celery, spring onions and coriander (cilantro). We are using a lot of these because fresh herbs are such a wonderful method to layer the flavour on. You can likewise add dill or cut parsley. Actually, dill would work actually really well below.

When everything is all tossed up, you can utilize it immediately to construct your sandwich or cool it for a couple of hours.
Curry chicken salad in a large bowl
Selection of Bread

The salad mix is kinda wet, so utilize thick slices if you are utilizing sliced bread, or things it inside a bagel (like in the video clip) or perhaps a hamburger bun. Something that would hold everything with each other. You can additionally include lettuce on the slices before overdoing the salad because that would certainly add as an additional layer as well as keep the bread from getting soggy.

Everytime we desire lunch on the go or a really rapid and very easy snack, we simply toss some of this salad! Soooo great, specifically the flavour from curry powder which turmeric extract! Attempt it!
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