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Sweet Potato Casserole with Brown Sugar Topping

You didn t think I would, but oh yes, actually, I did.

I am throwing you a Thanksgiving recipe today. THANKSGIVING! And also I want you to catch it and love it, all right? It is a deep, abundant, wonderful potato casserole from square one with a crunchy brownish sugar topping, and it s calming and comfy as well as it s coming for you now ready?

I see two alternatives for you right now. You can fall into a state of shock and awe that it is currently borderline time for Thanksgiving (unquestionably, this would be my default because normally I wear t even think of Thanksgiving until 3 days prior to THAT AM I NOW), OR you can realize truth reality that something this excellent doesn t need to just be scheduled for Thanksgiving and also you can go right on in advance with your finest cooking area self and make this take place even PRIOR TO the clock strikes dinnertime on Thanksgiving Day.

Those are both alternatives. You can choose.

You people, the unusual feature of this sweet potato covered dish is that it is quite a treat, however never ever once in my Thanksgiving occupation have I experienced this being worked as anything other than a completely luscious side dish to go along with the mashed potatoes as well as gravy, turkey, eco-friendly bean covered dish, and soft white supper rolls. It just functions. It s that little pre-dessert side that you could even like greater than your actual treat.

This is a dish that my mother has been producing years, as well as she got it from among her buddies that has been making it for years prior to that, and there is a factor is has actually ended up being a pillar at Thanksgiving.

Initially, let s speak toppings.????
Right here s the Topping Circumstance

I such as to Easy Button my life whenever possible, so I just throw those pecans, flour, butter, and brown sugar in my mixer and also provide it a go-round till it makes that crumbly, streusel-like covering that we know and like.
Brownish Sugar Topping for Dessert Potato Covered dish in a food mill
Brown Sugar Topping for Dessert Potato Covered dish in a mixer

Okay, we ve got the covering.

Now the base.
Now Onto the Dessert Potato Covered Dish Base

The pleasant potato blend is as easy as mixing up a muffin batter it begins with wonderful potatoes (canned, which I understand seems so vintage and best which s since it is I ve made this with non-canned sweet potatoes, and the weight of baked or steamed pleasant potatoes is just as well hefty, believe me on this), and after that eggs, butter, milk, sugar, as well as vanilla.

It s that easy. Mix and also put that mixture right into a frying pan, and after that leading it with your beloved collapse.
Sweet Potato Casserole with a crispy brown sugar covering
Pleasant Potato Casserole with a crunchy brown sugar covering in a recipe with a spoon

You re going to cook this guy for 30-45 minutes to obtain that covering nice and also crispy, and afterwards?

The moment of Thanksgiving pleasant potato covered dish fact.
Pleasant Potato Covered dish with a crunchy brownish sugar topping in a wood spoon


The soft and sweet lower layer + the crunchy and nutty leading layer function their magic with each other to make the very best wonderful potato covered dish that you might ever want for your Thanksgiving side-dish dominance.

I can t wait for you to like this one.
Pleasant Potato Casserole with a crispy brownish sugar covering in a dish with a wood spoon
Common Inquiries Concerning This Pleasant Potato Casserole
Can I utilize fresh wonderful potatoes instead of tinned pleasant potatoes?

Yes! We actually delight in the structure of the tinned wonderful potatoes right here, yet fresh would function as well. Would certainly recommend cooking instead of steaming if you go the fresh route as to not include more dampness.
Why are there eggs in this?

The eggs in the pleasant potato covered dish are what binds it all together without making the base as well heavy. Without them, the casserole wouldn t be rather as cosy and also scoopable!
What s the difference between sweet potatoes as well as yams?

We couldn t have clarified it much better than Bon Appetit right here. In this dish, we re technically making use of orange wonderful potatoes.
Can I prep this ahead of time?

Yep, that ought to work simply great! Prep it all as noted, as well as you can refrigerate for 1-2 days prior to cooking. If you want to make it even much better, you could also wait to spray on the covering till it s time to cook.
How can I make this a vegan pleasant potato casserole?

To make this vegan, you can sub the butter for vegan butter, the milk for your preferred plant-based unsweetened/unflavored milk, and also leave out the eggs.
Exactly how can I made this wonderful potato covered dish gluten-free?

Sub in a gluten-free flour (like almond flour) for the all-purpose flour in the covering.

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